7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Business Profile on Instagram

Sep 29, 2019 6 min

Since its inception in 2016, business profiles have been a driving factor in the success of many brands and profiles on the platform. Above all, the amount of data that business profiles provide make it a no-brainer in most cases. Are you ready to raise your Instagram game up a few notches? Keep reading to learn 7 reasons why you should switch to a business profile on Instagram.

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*Before we go any further* In order to convert your public Instagram profile to a Business Instagram profile, there are two requirements.

  1. You must have a Facebook page to link the Business profile to. While this may seem like an inconvenience, it actually serves a pretty big up-side. More on that in a little bit. 🙂
  2. Your Instagram profile must be public. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to have a private business profile.

Now, onto the 7 reasons why you should run a Business Profile on Instagram.

1. Cross-post your Instagram instantly to your Facebook page.

Since you must have an active Facebook page set up for business profiles on Instagram, cross-posting your content is easy as tapping a toggle switch. On the New Post screen within Instagram, simply tap the toggle switch next to your Facebook page in the ‘Post to Other Accounts’ section. Once you share your content, both your Instagram feed gets updated, along with your Facebook page. This helps keep your Facebook page active, even if Instagram is your main focus.

2. Account Insights

The Account Insights section of Instagram provides an arsenal of helpful data to grow your Instagram. To illustrate the data, Instagram has it all organized in 3 tabs: Content, Activity & Audience.

The Content tab gives you a breakdown of all of the content you post to your feed and story. This breakdown ranges from Engagement, Follows, Impressions, Likes, Reach, Saved, Website Clicks and more! Therefore easily determining the content that your audience is favoring and reacting to. More importantly, it determines the content that is not working!

The Activity tab provides an analytic overview of your content. This overview ranges from interactions on your content to accounts reached from the past 7 days. Specifically, the activity tab is helpful for a graph overview illustrating the ‘hot days’ your content performed well from the past week. This can help map trends for when to post, and how much to post for each day of the week.

The Audience tab provides a top-level demographic breakdown of your audience. Along with demographics, the Audience tab illustrates which days (and time!) of the week your followers are most active. This is incredibly helpful in knowing WHEN to post your newest piece of gym and fitness content! No more asking yourself “when is the best time to post on Instagram?”

Account insights section of an Instagram business profile. Showing analytic stats such as profile visits, website clicks and emails.
Account Insights section of an Instagram business profile.

3. Post Insights

Together with Account insights, business profiles on Instagram have access to Post Insights. Post Insights are an analytical breakdown of each specific post on your Instagram feed. Easily accessed via a ‘View Insights’ button below your photo or video, Post Insights breaks down the amount of times your post was liked, commented, shared and bookmarked, along with the amount of people who discovered your content. In addition to Post Insights, you also have access to Discovery. Discovery is a granular rundown of how many people see your content from specific sources. Home and Hashtags are commonly the two biggest sources for your impressions.

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4. Post promotions

A little money goes a long way! No, really… it does! Post promotions allow you to spend money to put your content in front of an audience that you declare. In fact, the beauty with Instagram is you don’t need massive Steven Spielberg budgets! A few bucks can literally get your content seen by hundreds. By coupling paid promotions with well-produced content and the right set of hashtags, you’ll be watching your account grow by the day!

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5. Contact info

If you want to have contact information on your Instagram profile, you must have a business profile. This is a must-have for gym owners, product pages, fitness coaches and personal trainers. Contact info allows you to leverage your Instagram following into a lead generation magnet for your fitness product or service. Who knew that posting content on Instagram would be a missing puzzle piece into scaling your business?!

6. Shoppable Products

It’s safe to assume you’re familiar with tagging a person in your content. As a result of tagging a person in your content, her or his Instagram handle gets embedded into your photo or video. This provides 1-tap access to other profiles on your content. Similarly, Shoppable Products works as easy as tagging a friend! By tagging a post with a product, it gives your audience 1-tap access to purchasing the product that is showcased. For Fitness Apparel pages, this is an absolute must-have! 

Have you just finished a photo session with your companies new gym leggings? Tag the leggings in your post! Not only are you leveraging your Instagram audience for business development, but you’re taking the guess-work out of your audience trying to figure out the exact piece of clothing (or product!) that’s seen in your content. As Instagram likes to call it… See. Tap. Shop.

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7. Swipe up!

While there’s quite a large caveat behind this benefit to switching to a business profile on Instagram, the swipe up feature can drive huge amounts of FREE traffic to a website of your choice! So, about that caveat.. In order to have access to the Swipe Up Story feature, you must have a business profile, with a following of at least 10,000.

The Swipe Up feature allows you to create a ‘swipe up’ link in your Instagram story to link to any website of your desire. As a result, you can drive traffic to your new yoga blog, get eyes on your new workout video on YouTube, link to a special discount on your personal trainer sessions, or maybe even a Spotify playlist for your favorite workout tunes! Yes, the bar is high for obtaining the swipe-up feature, but the benefit of pushing free traffic is enormous. Do you need help growing your first 10k followers? Start by increasing engagement on Instagram.

How to switch to a business profile on Instagram.

  1. On your profile page, click the hamburger menu in the top right.
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the slide-out menu.
  3. Tap ‘Account,’ then ‘Switch to Professional Account.’
  4. Under ‘What best describes you?’, tap on Business.
  5. Fill in the required information from Instagram, and you’ll be converted to a business profile in no time.

In conclusion

Switching to a business profile on Instagram offers an immense amount of benefits. The only requirements are having a Facebook page to link your business Instagram account to, along with a public Instagram profile. Once you have those checked off, you’re ready to switch over! The process should take no longer than a few minutes, and you’ll begin to start instantly collecting invaluable data to help grow your Instagram. Nice!

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